Life Tips – Loving Compassion That Creates A Better World


“It is easy to love in perfect conditions, but if all is perfect how we can express our love truly? It remains unseen among the perfection. It cannot prove its value. That’s why life challenges us to express our love in imperfect environment so we can learn how to transform all that is into perfection.”

Today I want to share a story of a 16-year-old boy and my insights about love of our times. Here is a story.

Boy is introducing himself by telling the others that he is 16 years old and since one year he was drinking beers and also other hard liquors. He admits that he knows that he might have a drinking problem and he is on his way to get addicted and become an alcoholic. Then he says:

I don’t care anymore. I don’t care what is going to happen with me. My mom left one year ago to work in Germany and since then I have no news about her. I don’t know where she lives and what she does for living. I guess she doesn’t love me. My dad is an alcoholic, so he is not able to love me. He doesn’t love himself so how he could possibly know how to love me? I also don’t love myself. That is why I don’t care what is going to happen with me.

There are people who, like this boy, were growing up in very difficult conditions. They may not believe in love. They may think that world doesn’t care about their existence. Someone who was not loved, don’t know how to give love to others or think that he/she needs to deserve it to be loved. It may also happen that someone is loved by others and doesn’t feel it, doesn’t know how to respond to love given by others. Just like a thief may have difficulties to believe that most of the people are being honest.

To change the world we have to give a good example and believe that love conquers all. To give hope and reasons for the others to see that there is a different way of behaving and convince others to join us in living in a better world where love is present we got to carry this world within us. If everyone is habitually behaving in certain way and we are doing it also but convincing others that it is wrong, no one will follow or believe us. We have to start doing something different in order to move the crowds.

If we want to live in the world of harmony and peace, we got to build it within us and discover how to be in harmony with all that is around us. Even if circumstances will place us in the middle of the quarrel when we keep on holding the picture of harmony within us, we may become a source of it for the others and help them solve their problem. If we want to be loved, we got to love first and believe that love opens every door. We got to treat ourselves with love and respect, to let the others respond to us in a loving way. Sometimes it means telling the ones that we love – hey your behavior is hurting me. I love you and that’s why I won’t allow you to treat me like this.

If we keep pure intentions of giving our understanding, showing compassion and acceptance, we will be able to transform the world around us in a magical way. Gandhi did a revolution by starting out from himself. He became a change that he wanted to see in the world.

And you, do you believe that there is a world of abundance and joy, unconditional love available to you right now? To let it exists and operates, all you have to do is to believe in it and start discovering it step by step in your experience. Be in peace and harmony with yourself. Don’t do anything that is against your feelings or intuition. Love yourself without any limits even if you had made some mistakes. You are here to learn. Be abundant with your ideas, enjoy simple things that are available to you, love your life no matter what happens with you and despite of everything. Be grateful for all, as you have only one chance to live. And give a hug to the boy from this story if you meet him on your way. Tell him that he doesn’t have to hurt himself to prove that love doesn’t exist, cause world needs him to prove that it not only exist but it is real.

Landscaping Ideas For Improving A Home’s Look & Value

What do you consider your most often used landscaping design products? If it were me, I’d have to say vines and trellises, ivy, mulch and fruit trees. Those are just my favorite things I suppose, but landscaping can be different depending on the location. For example, I am now 12 floors up in the air, so the only landscaping I get to enjoy is indoors. Except, I get the beach, palm trees and hibiscus flowers that come with the building. What kinds of plants, trees and flowers do you like? Do you like mulch as much as I do?

When landscaping, you have to think about what you like and what is going to make your home look the best. There are so many decisions you can make and good directions you can go in, but there are also the wrong choices. Any do-it-yourself landscaper has made some mistakes. I’ve made them, but for a guy, I also have a green thumb and enjoy gardening. I have plenty of great ideas up my sleeve.

landscape-mulchYou have to choose a good mulch, but there are certain things that you need to realize before you decide to just start mulching everything. First of all, don’t overuse it because when there is too much mulch and not enough grass, it doesn’t look right. You also want to keep it fresh as often as possible and turned up, weeded, etc. because that’s when it looks its best. Different mulches are better for certain situations, but my favorite in general is black mulch.

The dark mulch looks good with all different types of gardens, no matter the setting and no matter what you plant, in my opinion. Do you need to plant any trees in your yard? You can certainly mulch around smaller trees and should, but again, watch how much of the mulch you use in your yard. I caution against getting to eclectic with your landscaping, too. Why?

You might think that with me liking the ivy and the trellises and all that I would promote the English garden look. Well, I’m not so much a big fan, and I think that people need to create unique ideas anyway. You have the building blocks, and you’re learning how to use them. Landscape design still should be and is unique to your own yard though. So, what types of plants, trees and flowers have you come up with now?

When you want your home’s landscaping to look good, there are other products to think about, too. For example, a built-in sprinkler system is always best, just more expensive. It can add to the value of a home though. Are you going to use any type of exterior lighting? Would you like to build a deck or patio? What kind of stone pavers are you going to use? Not every idea is going to fit your yard, but you can certainly theme it out however you want based on the basic ideas of landscaping. If you need a good landscaper recommendation, visit Greenhaven Landscapes Inc. – Landscaping Design and maintenance or view them on Yelp.