Art in development for Words of Traitor’s sister project, Nyssa. These by Alexey Andreev. 

(Fundraising for spinning Nyssa #1 into a full series will begin in September.) 

As you will discover, the mythologies of Words of Traitor’s, Party At The World’s End, the 404 Documents, and Nyssa all overlap and interact with one another in various ways, though I put great effort into making them able to stand on their own as well. Each has its own unique aesthetic.

Whether that is a winning strategy for myth-building or not remains to be seen but it’s simply how these projects have developed. 

Back to Words of Traitor’s news, I am beginning to set up the Indiegogo page and scouring references for the completion of the branding. The mixture of neo-noir and magical realism in the tone of the text has lent itself, in my mind at least, toward an aesthetic that blends the “hitchcock” style with old apothecary and grimoire style illustrations.  

That is my direction for the layout of the book. I have given very loose artistic direction to the collaborating artists but otherwise for a project such as this one, like to let them interpret the material as matches their inner vision. 

2 years ago