The plan is to build up a huge repository of material to scan — and then build dioramas (including the one using a cow heart), as well as pages from a hand-build book that will have blank photo and paper cut into it, and compile all of it in photoshop - put in about a week on the wacom making everything “of a piece,” and then begin the text layout in InDesign using the full page and half / quarter page inserts. 

As complex as that sounds, and as complex as it will be … it’ll be nothing compared to what I have planned for Nyssa.

I hate to be a broken record but please donate or else none of this is going to get very far beyond our drawing tables. Share it with friends. Blog about it or get it up on blogs that you frequent. 24 days and counting, dig? 

I know most of what I’m showing here is in-progress, unfinished work, but should give a sense of the “underpainting” as it were. And of course the stories themselves keep that same magical realism meets cartoon surrealism element. It’s my thematic binding glue. 

2 years ago