Some of the pics from the 5 art shows this year. (There are tons more but enough is enough, right?) 

If you like what you see, the book is still available in print and ebook formats, or if you want originals, contact me. We sold a number of prints but none of the originals sold so they’re all still available. 

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A full color illustrated book available now from MythosMedia

Hope and faith, sex and death, excess and deprivation, loss. An illustrated collection of treacherous memories. These dark modern fairy tales will stick with you long after you’ve put the book down. 

"Beautiful!" -David Mack, (Kabuki, Daredevil, Dexter.) Full color art by an international collection of artists. 

Trailer Credits:

Editorial: James Curcio. 

Art: James Curcio. Alexey Andreev. (Additional credts, see the website.) 

Music: Scott Landes, Post: James Curcio.

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Various little doodles from my sketchbook, which encompasses both the Words of Traitors project and the RPG (and eventually comic or book or movie or who knows what) based in the sci-fi/fantasy Altaeron. 

It’s hard to say exactly what will be able to be born as something that you can experience all the way through, and what will be relegated to some sort of purgatory in my imagination. There are many external requirements placed on the production of these things that makes it almost impossible to know for certain…But your interest and help as a reader or fan or fellow artist is always huge.

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Some photos from the art opening. 

Pick up the book today. It’s full of moving stories and art. If you get any book this year, get this one. 

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Jaded Kitty Kimiko showing off her new copy of Words of Traitors. 

Pick up your own! (Amazon / Digital)

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A few days in the life. 

Mythos Media to pick up some of our books. 

(via mythsandmedia)

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Another piece in progress. Not a full page in this case, but one to go inline with text. 


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Another in progress for “Loves Notes From A Stranger,” (in Words of Traitors of course.)

Hope those of you that reserved a limited edition are excited. 

For the rest of you— hope you’ll hold your breath til 2013. I don’t want this hitting the shelves until it is prime for it. 

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2 page spread in progress, working with source for Alexey Andreev. 

Note: yes, I know the text is difficult to read — it’s more a design element to place it within the context of the story, the full story text will be laid out nice and easy to read during the InDesign process. 

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More Words of Traitors work in progress for your eyeholes. 

The final countdown. Final hours. FINAL COUNTDOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWN

I will keep the paypal open to buy limited editions when I know how many are left over from the run. 

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That smell. Her smell. I hadn’t been able to place it when I first met Nyssa, but the other night, as I was walking home from work, I had a strange flashback. I remembered walking the previous summer, and passing a strange, vining plant with flowers that were shut tight as eyelids against the day, and that opened as the sun began to set. Bees flocked to these flowers, crawling all over them. They crawl atop one another to get their fat little bodies closer to the source, a congregation of angels, drunk on pistil and petalscent. I too came closer and inhaled. It was incredible. Sweet but not cloying. I couldn’t imagine a scent that would attract me more. Naturally, it was her smell.

I later discovered this flowering vine was Datura, otherwise known as “Angels Trumpets.” And in this name we find the truth behind this plant, as angels trumpets refers to the call before final judgement. The apocalypse.

The fruits that dangle from the tendrils of this plant are these spiked, fleshy balls. Inside are hard, smooth seeds that when consumed, cause intense hallucinations. I’ve taken some psychedelics in the past but Datura was in a class of its own, not so much in regard to intensity as malevolence. Datura was a wicked ride to hell, ergot on steroids.

I wondered to myself if I was like one of those bees, drawn to her by her scent. I wondered if sucking on her seed pods would prove as lethal. I doubted I’d ever have the opportunity to find out. But this was definitely another breakthrough for the story, whatever it might wind up being.



Excerpt from Loves Notes to a Stranger, one of the seven stories in Words of Traitors. 

Just 28 hours left to help us produce and promote this project. 

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Another one in progress, this one an inline image for Love Letters To A Stranger, wherein we first encounter Nyssa. This is to show one of the less collage oriented pieces. 

Photo: S Jenx. 

Model: Vika Noxx. 

Krampus model: Alexey Andreev. 

Composite: Moi.

Not entirely finished for print but the mood is right. 


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3 roughs in progress out of many, many more…

Not final, no typography, final credits will be in the book of course. Without the possible spelling errors I’m making now.

This is just 3 in progress of what’s verging on 50 images, I will keep working on them until the images are done. 

Please donate, reserve a limited edition or even unique artwork. 4 days left. Every bit counts, as we keep donations- though we keep more if we reach our goal, which seems unlikely with 4 days left though I’m not going to rule it out. 

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In talks with James Dupree about cover art for WoT

As it says, we’re talking with James about having him work on the cover for WoT. He’s presently recovering from some surgery but I think it will work out very well. His art is great, he’s a local legend in the art scene, his sense of color really matches what we’re doing with the Words of Traitors, visually — and he’s always really fun to sit and talk with. Very funny and serious at the same time. A true artist. Looking forward to seeing what the end result is. 

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Art in progress for Words of Traitors (and the follow-up, Nyssa project), by Laurie Lipton and Alexey Andreev. 

Wrapping up the writing phase with the text. 

A lot of digital painting and composition is the next thing on my end the next few days. 

On yours… do you want this in color? Pre-order/donate ASAP - we have 10 days left! 

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