As many of you know, Words of Traitors is about ready to be unleashed in print. I hope that you are going to pick up a copy, because it’s something not to be missed.

For those interested in only the Nyssa part of the book — or who are can’t afford to lay down the $30 a 120 page full color limited edition art book runs — I am also going to be putting out just the Nyssa chapter as a stand-alone. This makes particular sense as it is just the first installment in what I hope to be many others.

Here’s the rough draft of the Nyssa #1 cover. 

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This is a rough of the cover, original art by James Dupree. There will be the ISBN below the credits on the back cover, thus the empty space.

There will be some tweaking with the spine based on exact page count, and I’ll probably finalize the colors at that point too though they are pretty much where I want them to be — the color is actually exactly as James had them lit in the room. For once I didn’t have to do almost anything in photoshop except remove a little artifacting from the camera in the blacklight. 

Tomorrow is the last day you can put in for a hard copy of the limited edition. Details in the previous post. 

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We are honored to announce that artist James Dupree will be providing the cover art for Words of Traitors! 

James Dupree is a veteran of the Philadelphia art scene and has traveled around the world with many pieces of his art in museums, galleries and private collections, including an amazing display at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. For more information and to see his art,

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