Some Off Label Perks.

A few new additional perks have been added that you won’t hear about on indiegogo. 

1. Their idea, not mine — any donation of $100 or more in the next ten days will get an artful naked photo of one of the girls on the creative team along with whatever you’d normally get. (Because the guys on the creative team are camera shy.) One of them is my wife. I vouch for her buxomness. 

I’m sure someone is going to have a fit about sexism so I will take one for the team and offer the same myself if someone specifically asks for it. I have a hunch this is going to get bought by one of my straight male friends that will post it in a the “companion” part of the Philly newspaper. That’s how dedicated I am to this project. 

2. It’s been pitched that I do matching funds on a kidney donation. I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not. I’m thinking about it. I do want to show my dedication to the project. 

3. I have a lot of source paintings that for instance involve things that are apparently quasi-legal like painting a praying mantis into the acrylic to get the texture of his body under the gold color. (He was already dead when I found him for chrissakes.) It is also affixed with badger claws, embedded in the paint, so I will need to figure out a pretty special way to ship it to you. US only. Donations of $250 or over. For the record, the badgers were also dead when their claws were taken, not the other way around. 

And sorry, these aren’t retroactive. I’m sure there will be more to come though, as we come in on the end of the fundraiser. 

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Help us reach $1000 by Aug 1

If we reach $1000 by Aug 1, I have a special perk to add. 

Then we will look at really getting going up the hill. Please help us spread the word even if you can’t contribute. 

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Words of Traitors Fundraiser is live!

I have been a little slow to get the initial videos up, where you get to watch me babble “in person” about the project, show the workspace some of it will be created in, and otherwise generally make a fool of myself. I’ve had this nasty cold that I can’t shake, and figure I should wait at least until I don’t sound like I’m holding my nose when I talk. Soon!

In the meantime, please check out the perks, contribute to our project, and share this around.

We are not just creating a single illustrated collection of short stories, this is a piece of an ongoing mythology, which as I explained in the last post will be spreading right into the graphic novel that follows. I’m incredibly excited about what we are creating with these projects, but need your help to bring it to the world. 

OK, OK. I’ll save the babbling for the videos. 

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