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Philadelphia, August 15, 2012. 

  This story began with a toothache. But what good is pain? It only becomes meaningful when it becomes a story. We all mythologize our memories in this way—that cosmic bender that changed your life, the One That Got Away, or really just about anything you did as a teen. 

  In his eighth published work, Words of Traitors: 7 Lives in Transition, author and transmedia artist Jamie Curcio has taken some of his memories and fused them with fictional characters and narratives to create mythic illustrated short stories dealing with common themes: faith, lust, betrayal, death. This illustrated book is a stand-alone part of a collection of modern myths that span media, from novels to albums. These can be explored by the audience in a nonlinear fashion as they are all constructed to be able to stand on their own as well as relate to one another. 

  This combination of magical realism and real life allows both the writer and the reader to explore the language of the subconscious.

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We are lucky to have this work paired with many edgy, innovative artists including Bethany Shorb (artist, DJ, and CEO of Cyberoptix Tie Lab), UK artist Laurie Lipton, Lumi, S. Jenx, Russian-based Alexey Andreev, associated audio productions with Tobias Tinker (Broken Saints) and Scott Landes (Mankind is Obsolete, Collide), with many new exciting creative partners joining almost every day.

Crowdsourcing for Words of Traitors runs until Sept 2012, to be followed in winter by fundraising and co-production of Nyssa, a comic series based on a character that appears in several Words of Traitors stories. 


Jamie Curcio creates dystopian propaganda for a generation of hedonists, intellectuals, and drug addicts. Rumors of being a key member of a harem of feral lesbians are slightly exaggerated, however. Previous brain-washing agents have taken the form of subversive novels, essays, scripts for comic and films, albums, soundtracks, podcasts, visual art, and performances. His writing on myth and identity has been taught in several college-level courses.

He lives with a harem of feral lesbians and cats somewhere in the mountains and lives exclusively on mochas, lion milk, and raw honey. www.jamescurcio.com

Odd Duck Media, info at oddduck dot org
Or Jamie Curcio, jamescurcio at gmail dot com
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