Thank you everyone that donated. Those that wish to be named shall be named within the next few days as I announce the next steps for this project.

I am hard at work on building all this source material into an illustrated book— I will be sending an email to all the contributors to keep you appraised of where we are, and when we will have the limited editions and so on ready to send to you.

I also have made the decision to send an e- copy of this book to all contributors to our previous fundraiser, for Modern Mythology as a whole — because they were paying in part to support all Mythos Media Productions. So I am going to be digging up that contact list. I want the money to bankroll production and promotion, to be sure, but the end goal, above everything else, is how the artist is transformed in production, and even more importantly: how you can be, if you happen to connect with the work in that magical way.

Please feel free to contact me personally to tell me about your experiences or thoughts. I received a little of that through reading papers that students wrote about Apocalyptic Imaginary, Immanence of Myth, and even Fallen Nation, and it was an interesting experience for me. This is a very different kind of book in some ways, even if it contains several “origins” stories that lead right into Fallen Nation.

So, an entrance-way into a larger mythology for some of you, and a nice art book for others.


- This tipsy asshole right over here. 

2 years ago